1. The harvest of honey

The harvest takes place at the end of the flowering of the plant that will characterize the honey. As part of a honey all flowers, the harvest is carried out during the latest blooms. The stages of the harvest:
- smoking bees to work quietly
- take off and brushing frames
- transport in a waterproof vehicle to the honey house

2. Uncapping

This step consists in removing the film of wax that clogs the alveoli filled with honey. The operation is performed with a knife to uncap by cutting the wax layer from bottom to top.

3. Draining

It serves to separate the honey from the wax. The honey cakes are placed on a sieve with large mesh and crushed to facilitate the release of honey from the cells.

4. Honey filtering

At the outlet of the extractor, the honey contains impurities. It is a double filter grid that will remove various particles of propolis, wax, operculum, bee legs or pollen.

5. Maturation of honey

Once filtered, the honey must still rest for 4 to 5 days at a temperature of 20 ° C minimum to make up all the last impurities. This foam is then removed before the next step.

6. Packaging of honey

Finally ready the honey can be presented in its pot with a capsule that ensures the seal and a label with all the legal notices.