Apinome is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) based in Sikensi but with representation in Cocody Angré Djomi Dokui. We fight tale rural poverty through the promotion and extension of beekeeping in Ivory Coast. We participate in environmental protection by the pollination of plants. Also, we import and export of products and equipment of the hive and have planned the transformation of these products on site. To this end, Apinome frames beekeepers, produces, packages and markets honey for its virtues. Apinome thus remains the reference in beekeeping in Côte d'Ivoire and leader in the marketing of honey nationally. namely: CAM Carrefour, Prosuma Group (Sococé, South Cap, North Cap, Prima, ..), service stations, hotels, pharmacies and others. We enjoy veterinary inspection certificate from the Department of Animal and Fishery Resources and accreditation of professions related to trade of animals, animal products and animal origin intended for human consumption. Several companies have trusted us and our products referencing its products within that window. Apinome integrated peasant shop, leader of the distribution chain of local products in the Ivory Coast in order to increase its visibility and reach a greater number of consumers via e-commerce and exposure.